Friday, July 20, 2012

Henna Design Wedding Cakes!

Well I had quite the busy day at work yesterday...
I made three wedding cakes 
for one of the sweetest customers I think I may have ever had.
Seriously though,
 people stress out more about their kid's 5th birthday cake 
more than she was about her WEDDING cakes.
She put a lot of faith in me.
(Witch of course made me nervous,
 because I didn't want to disappoint her.)
She wanted some henna style designs on her cake,
totally up my alley!
She gave me some images of cakes as inspiration,
and I chose of few designs I liked and drew them on a parchement 
paper that I hung up in front of me as a guide.
I'm always super critical, 
and think "I can do better,"
but overall I'm really happy with it.
Here they are...
(The color is a little off because as usual
 I only had my camera phone.)

Two Tiered Cake

1/2 Sheet cake with a design taken from the grooms clothing

Full Sheet with Chocolate frosting design 
and little heart detail on the side.

Well what do you think?
Let me know...
Thanks for checking out the cakes,
<3 Holly

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