Saturday, July 7, 2012

Being a vegetarian...

recently two of my friends ask me for some advice
on switching to a vegetarian diet.
After forwarding a bunch  of information to them,
it got me thinking that I should
start a vegetarian section on the blog.

Being a vegetarian is not generally something that I shove 
into everyone's face,
but if you want to become one,
it is important to have good resources as your jumping off point.

So, I'm going to be working on a 
"Beginner Vegetarian Kit."
I'm going to include links to what I think are great websites,
as well as what cook books I like,
and what my favorite Veggie products are.

and to start the sharing process,
here is the delicious dinner I had this evening.
A Veggie burger cooked in margarine, with a fresh local tomato, spinach, light mayo & ketchup, and Cabot extra sharp cheddar cheese, on a potato bun.
With baked bar-b-Que chips and sauteed spinach on the side.
Thanks for stopping by,
I hope you all enjoyed your dinner as much as I enjoyed mine!
<3 Holly

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