Monday, June 4, 2012

Well It has been a yucky Monday...

I have to say, 
it doesn't feel like June.
Today feels more like a rainy fall day.
I know after walking home from work,
I felt (and looked) like a wet rat,
and didn't feel much like doing anything that took any REAL effort.
But here is something fun to do on a rainy, chilly day like to day...
that doesn't require much energy at all.
Play with paper dolls!
I have found a few free, printable paper doll links
for you to print out and play with the kids 
(or just for you to keep yourself occupied for a few hours.)
Go ahead and have some fun. 
(Click the titles or images below to go to the printable paper dolls.)

(I found these dolls on Terri's 'Printable Paper Doll Land')
I recommend printing the bodies on card stock if you have any lying around the house. 
Maybe you could even challenge the kids (or yourself) to design their own outfits for the paper dolls.
Hope you and the kids enjoy.
Paper dolls were ALWAYS my favorite growing up.
Stay warm, and Thanks.
<3 Holly

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