Tuesday, June 19, 2012

100th post... White wedding cake...

So this post will make my 100th post on my blog.

It is a small little achievement for me.
Usually I get discouraged when I put myself out there,
but I have stuck with it.
Even though I only reach a small number of people,
and I can't do all the projects and tutorials of my own that I would like to,
I'm proud of myself for trying anyways.
And I am very thankful to the people who to pop by and check
out my little blog.

In honor of that, I would like to share a cool little thing
about a special order cake I made for work.
We have a photographer customer Don, who likes to come in
and by cakes from us to use for photo shoots 
he does for a housewares product company.
(I do not know the correct spelling of his last 
name or I would list it.)
A little while back he came in asking for a mini wedding cake 
to shoot for a cake pedestal.
I made him this, 
and was very worried about how his pictures would come out.
 (No pressure there right?)
The other day he came back to order another one,
(So he must have liked the first, YAY!)
and he gave me the link to the website that his photos 
of the other cake were on.
It was so cool to see my cake in the product photos.
It was for a company called Mikasa and it was for their
"Love Story" line of dishes. 
(Click on the image below to go to their site, 
and see the photo larger)
That is my little cake on there!
It was a very exciting moment for me.
Thanks Don for liking my little cake,
thanks Mikasa for using Don's photos of my cake.
It made me feel special,
and thanks guys for stopping by for my 100th post.


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