Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recent aquisitions!

So I have come into
a few really cool things over the last two weeks,
and I am so excited to share them with you.
My First item is a wooden magazine rack 
I found at a thrift store for $2.00.
 I'm going to sand it down,
and do a distressed paint job on it.
(It is halfway there, and I like the blue color it is painted now.)

Then I came across this Saturday at work.
Someone had dumped it on the side 
of the building.
I went out for my break, looked over, and there it was.
It just started speaking to me, 
"Holly, I was left here so you would find me, 
and give me some love!"
So, I stealthily got my car on the other side of the building,
drove it round the side the trunk was,
and nonchalantly tried to shove it into my trunk.
It didn't fit, 
so I then "Nonchalantly" shoved it into my back seat.
(and free!)
One of the hinges is broken in the back, and it has quite a bit of scratches, but I already have a few ideas of what I want to do with it.
SO exciting.....

AND Then this morning my mom stopped by on her way home from Maine bearing this lovely gift from my Grandmother.
It is an old spring water bottle crate from the camp my grandmother just bought for the family in Maine.
(This Camp let me tell you is a TREASURE trove of cool old things. It Literally has not changed in 40 years.)
I really wanted some old crates to put 
my plants on, on the porch. 
(Some of them just needed a bit of height.)
And, My grandma sent my mom down with this one for me.
It is exactly what I had in mind,
And it is way more special that my grandma gave it to me from the camp.
So I will have my hands quite busy as you can see,
there will be many projects to come!
Thanks for stopping by to check out my finds,
Thanks again Grandma for being the best,
and thanks mom and auntie for breakfast today!
I love you all.
<3 Holly



  1. Love it!! Especially the freebie find. Amazing. And the crate is cool too. I've always wondered where I could find old crates without paying an arm and a leg. So cool. I want to see the finished project pics!!

    1. I know the freebie was like someone knew I was going to be there to pick it up, and I always wondered where you got an old crate too, apparently from your grandmother hehe. (Whats even more exciting is she has another one for me at her house she is going to give me!) <3