Thursday, May 10, 2012

Really nifty idea....

Here is a really nifty and thrifty
project to help organize your idea board!
 Twig Push pins.
This project comes from 
(Click the picture below to see how to make them.)

You can make BIG ones and little ones.
It would add a nice rustic touch
to your home or even your
office space.
Why not bring a little bit
of hand made design 
to the work place. 
It would add a warm and cozy touch,
to an otherwise cold environment.
 Plus twigs and branches are FREE, all you have to do is take a walk.
You can get some exercise while your at it.

Here is another great idea
for pins for your inspiration board.
I use little $1.00 pins I buy
at my local hand made store MagPie
or ones that I collect
from bands, as pins in my inspiration board.
Like this.

Thanks for looking, 
have fun on your walk and crafting!
<3 Holly

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