Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quikie Art project

So I have scribbling down ALL kinds of ideas
for future posts and projects.
But still have a long way
until I get any of them done.
In the meantime,
I thought I'd share this quickie little project
I did for the house today.

I received this photo collage frame for our wedding,
but didn't really have any photos to put in it.

(Yes, even after being married for almost two years,
I STILL haven't had my photos printed.)
So I decided to make a little card collage display with it instead.
 I went to my keep sake box, and I picked out a few cards that
had some really great images on the front,
and just a little text.
Here are the ones that I chose.
1. A Holly Hobbie card that has been kicking around for a while.
But I like the distressed look to it.

2. A card that we got for our wedding.
I really like the retro couple.

 3. Another cool card from our wedding.
I chose it for it's cool graphics, and vintage touch.

4. And of course the card I just received the other day
from my friend Kelly.
 Looks really cute all together.
 I have it sitting on the computer desk.

It is a great way to display cards that you get that
you don't want to throw away.
The thing that might take the longest,
is sifting through all those cards! 
If your card is too small for the picture frame you have,
try sticking it to some paper, plain or patterned, 
to make up for the size difference. 
And during the holidays, you can switch out
the cards for seasonal decoration.
You can display your Christmas and Hanukkah cards, for example,
as they come in the mail!

<3 Holly

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