Saturday, May 19, 2012

Longing for Summer 3...

Well, it's almost here,
just a few more months till
Here are a few more things that I am looking forward too,
and some things I think that will make the
summer great.
 (Click on the pictures for links and tutorials)

1. Summer Rainbow Hair.
Add a splash of color this summer with Rainbow tipped hair.
It would be a fun thing for sun kissed, summer hair.

2.  Glowing Snow cones.
A fun treat for hot summer nights.

3. Watermelon Fruit Baskets.

I think I have always loved the hollowed out watermelon in the shape of a basket,
with fruit salad inside! Eco-Friendly, compostable bowl!

 4. HULA HOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Probably one of THE BEST things about summer is,
Hula Hooping!
(Here is a great tutorial from Jason Unbound 
on how to make your own.)

(That is one of my best friends in the world Abbie, 
showing off her skills at a festival in 2009!)

5. S'Mores... yummy...

Here is a recipe from Healthy Happy Life for some yummy 
Vegan S'Mores.
(Along with some other delicious looking Vegan recipes!)

6. Bonfires 

You need those to make S'Mores!
Nothing better in the summer, than sitting around
a fire with friends, it makes for some
good ol' fashioned, primitive bonding.


Try you hand at throwing your own carnival in the back yard.
Here are a few D.I.Y. Carnival games
you can make at home.
Ring Toss from Cap Creations
 Classic Carnival Game Ideas from
Food and Booth Ideas from Two Crazy Cupcakes
Duck Pond Game from Carnival Savers
if you would like some ideas for a Carnival themed wedding,
check out 
Carrie and Jon's D.I.Y. carnival wedding on
(Also good for birthday parties for kids OR adults.
Maybe even a house warming party, engagement party,
wedding shower,
or even a baby shower!
For kids, give tickets to games so they can win
little toy prizes.
For adults, give tickets so they can win little prizes
like candles, a bottle of wine, e.t.c.)

8. Summer Comfy Dress

Or as I like to call it, my Summer Moo Moo.
I think everyone needs at least one or two dresses for the
summer that are SO comfy, 
you can wear them to the beach, 
out for a summer day,
even comfy enough to wear to bed.
Try a flowy dress like the one above from 
Etsy shop After Shower Shop. 

9. The Perfect Summer Bag

Let's face it, we tend to carry more things in the summer,
Sun block, lip gloss, e.t.c..
And we need the perfect bag to hold it all.  
Try embellishing a simple canvas tote bag for a light, easy to carry summer bag for all your needs.
Like the one above from BeingZhenya.
You could also try screen printing your own bag,
I made some for my bridesmaids
as gifts.
The possibilities are endless. 

10. Camping

Whether it be at a festival, a camp ground,

or in the back yard;
camping is the number one thing to do in the summer.
If you can't get away to camp,
set up a big camp out in your own outdoor space!
You can include many other things on this list in your camp out,
as well as some on the Longing for Summer 1 
and Longing for Summer 2 posts.
Invite other family members and friends to join in the fun.
You can also try some other activities like:

* Taking turns reading a classic book aloud together.
 (My husband and I did this on our honey moon, 
reading the Hobbit to each other.)

*Telling ghost stories
(Here are some ghost stories from TLC Family 
that are fun for the whole family.)

*Decorate the back yard in Glow sticks 
(Here is a make your own glow sticks tutorial from Nurd Rage.)

*Have a sing along by the camp fire
(Get a friend who plays the guitar to come over and play some easy tunes that everyone will know)

*Pretend to be explorers with the kids and make up explore names
for each other.
(for the adults, make up new nicknames and call each other by them for your whole camping trip.)

*Write a story together while sitting around the fire.
(Base it off your explorer alter egos, and elect one person to be the scribe.) 

*Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! 
Enjoy the summer!!!!!

 enjoy the summer!!!!!

<3 Holly

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