Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In Honor of the Royal Anniversary ....

As many of you know,
the royal couple just celebrated their 1 Year Anniversary
on April 29th.
So in honor of their 1 year, and the upcoming wedding season,
I thought I'd share a few ideas so you can have
your own tastefully inspired 
 royal wedding! 

1. The Invitations:

I think a great way to give your wedding a Royal feel
is to incorporate the theme in your invitations.
After all, your invitations are the first impression your guests
get about what kind of wedding you are going to have.
A great way to add a royal touch
to your invites would be to use the program of 
the royal wedding as inspiration.
The Royal Wedding program featured 
Prince William's coat of arms on the cover,
and on the back Kate's family's coat of arms.
You could do something similar
on your invites or program
by featuring you and your fiance's coat of arms.
(Here are the Coat of Arms I made for Paul and I.
Using My Blazon.com)
Once you know what your Coat of Arms are,
combined them and use
it as your symbol on things all throughout the wedding.
Here is the Duke and Duchess's Combined.
Don't know what your family coat of arms is? 
Try a Google image search. 
There are many websites that have this information.
Usually these sites also print your coat of arms on things like cups and T-shirts, some of these products might be handy for gifts to the wedding party or parents of the bride and groom.
Don't have a coat of arms?
There are also many websites where you can create your own,
or generate your own.
Here are a few I found.
(Where you can also search for your name.)
(I really liked this site! It generates one for you.
But you should right click and save your picture right after it is generated, I had problems receiving my image to download) 
 (Has some great advice for making one for more artistic people.)

2. Location:
While getting married in Westminster Abbey like Will and Kate,
is probably not a possibility for you;
Why not try to find a very ornate church in your area.
If getting married in a church is not your thing,
add some ornate decorative touches that
mimic those in Westminster.
Line the aisle with live trees to imitate Kate's 
walk down the aisle in the Abbey. 
(You might want to go a bit smaller on the scale though.)

The trees can be re-used as decoration for the reception, and given away to guests at the end of the night.
Another great idea to add a touch of Abbey-like grandeur,
is to find a location with stained glass windows,
or create a free standing stained glass
to stand in front of when you say your vows!
(Way better than a boring old archway,
 those would be some beautiful photos.)
See if you can find a local artist that makes stained glass,
or search for one on Etsy.com,
or try your hand with some glass paint and make your own.
(Try Gallery Glass paint.)  

3.The Cake
Keep it simple but ornate.
The royal couple had an all white cake.
Make yours all white as well, with white flowers
and classic borders.
And instead of a bride and groom cake topper, 
copy the white floral sprig that was a top their cake.
It is very sophisticated.

4. The Dress
Kate had a GORGEOUS and elegant dress made by
Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.
Since the wedding, there have been plenty of knock off versions.
(Fun Fact: My mom wore a Princess Diana style wedding
 dress when she married my father.) 

Have great knock-offs
(Go to "My Royal Wedding" Pinterest board to find some other similar dresses I found.) 
Can't find the one that you like, make one.
Butterick has the "Royal Dress Pattern," and
Simplicity has a pattern that is similar.
(Including a Pippa look a like dress.)

5.Horse drawn carriage 
 Arrive and Leave in style.
Find a local company that has a horse drawn carriage,
and have them bring you to the church.
Ask your guest to wait outside for your arrival,
like the spectators of the royal wedding watched Kate arrive.
When the ceremony is over, you and your new hubby
can leave in the horse drawn carriage Royalty style.
(You could really get fancy and have a red carpet leading into the church to make you feel really royal.)

6. Color Scheme

Keep your colors royal.
I based this pallet on the Prince's royal uniform.
Use rich royal blue's and red's, with
touches of gold in your decorations.

7. Bridesmaids

Be bold and let your Bridesmaids wear white.
Just like Kate let her sister Pippa wear.
Here are some Pippa dress look-a-likes.
(Check out more I found on my Pinterest board.)
or make your own with these patterns from
 (which is combined with a look alike pattern of Kate's dress.)
Have all your bridesmaids wear this dress, or dress them all in white.

And to go even further,
 if your friends aren't to disappointed,
have your bridal party be young kids in the family,
like the royals do.
Here is another great pattern from Butterick,
 if you choose to make 
the kids your bridesmaids, or just
for the flower girls.

 8. What will the men wear?
A royal uniform to much of a costume for your man?

Try having the men wear what the British call "Morning Suits."
It is what all the male guests at the royal wedding wore, 
including Kate's Father.

 It is a suit that follows the British daytime formal dress code.
Have the Groomsman and your Hubby to be sport these
fancy suits, and wear Royal blue vests, 
with Red ties to keep with your Royal color scheme.

9. Crazy Hats!

Encourage your guests to dress like the Royal guests did,
and have the women wear some ornate hats.
It will be just like playing dress up
for your guests, and adds a fun element to you wedding.
They don't have to be TO crazy, 
but when do girls ever get to dress up with big hats?
Bring a touch of the vintage by suggesting 
your female guests wear old fashioned pill box hats.
You can find some all over the place.
Here are some from Etsy shops. 

10. The Music

Want to add that extra Royal wedding touch?
Use the same songs
that Duke and Duchess did for their ceremony.
Kate walked down the aisle to
"I Was Glad" by Sir Hubert Parry.
Find the rest of the songs used here

There are many more things you can do to give your wedding 
a Royal face lift, 
but there I have given you just a few.



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