Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here is a fun website for Kids AND Adults!

SO here is a cool little website I found.
It is called Patterns for Coloring
Great if you have kids, or have nieces or nephews who visit,
if you baby sit, or just like to color yourself. 
(I know I do, I've already admitted on here to buying a 
GIANT Hello Kitty coloring book.) 
The site has some really neat designs available for you to use,
some are abstract  and others are just cute little pictures 
of animals and things.
Here is one I really like , very retro feel.
(From an Illustrator they credit on the site as Anjo Bolarda,
click on his name and go to his page, 
he has some really amazing Illustrations.)

I think this site is really inspiring.
I LOVE the idea of giving kids a chance to color
something else than just a cute teddy bear.
(Although I am always down for that myself.)
It would also be really fun,
to let them explore different designs 
and let them find one they like for themselves.
It is a great resource to expose kids to art,
and a really fun website for
adults who may just want to color.

hope you find something to color today!
It is raining out, 
would be the perfect day to put some happy music
on and color the day away!
<3 Holly


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