Monday, May 21, 2012

Great Idea for a cheap area rug...

Here is a great idea for a cheap area rug from

It is a few smaller rugs sewn together.
(Click the picture below 
to learn how to make one of your own.)

Here are a few other ideas to cover a larger area for little money.

Try placing a few bath mats on the floor in a scattered pattern.
Most bath mats have the grippy- side on the back,
so it would keep them from sliding all
over the floor.
Like this one From IKEA.
It is the GUBBSKĂ„R
It is only $2.99!!!
You could grab a few,
in different colors or the same,
and spread them all around the floor to add interest and pops of color
for very little money.

You could also try sewing together a few woven placemats 
like this one from Crate and Barrel:
for $4.95 each
All you need to do is to add some non-slip matting under your new rug to keep it from sliding all over your floor. 
You can usually find it very cheap at any home improvement store.
Try scouring your local thrift or dollar store 
for some woven place mats 
to sew together.
Maybe you will get lucky and find a rug
for cheap at the thrift
store while your on your search.
You could even find a few
small rugs to sew together like the project from
 Happy Hunting!!!
Hope you find what your looking for.

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