Friday, May 4, 2012

Friendship Bracelet....

Look at what I just received in the mail today.
It was a lovely surprise, a beautiful card from my good friend 
Kelly from college!
Just what I needed to lift my spirits.
Even better though, 
look what was inside!
 The surprise got EVEN BETTER!
She sent me a friendship Bracelet!!!!!
The Card reads:
"1. Say "Aww"
2. Place on Wrist
3. Trim excess
4. Laugh at instructions
5. Have a great day!"

And this is me wearing my bracelet proudly! 

Thanks Mama Kelly!
It is the perfect summer bling.
I love ya, and miss ya!
You made me smile today, and I needed that a lot.
Funny how God works.
<3 Holly

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