Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fabric Basket Tutorial...

Here is a tutorial on how to make a fabric basket.
Pretty easy and clear steps to follow.
It comes from Moda Bakeshop.
(Click the image above to head on over to the tutorial.)
They call it an "Easter Basket," 
but I think you could make them for whatever you like 
to use around the house.
They also feature one of their products call a "Honey Bun."
Which is a little roll of cute coordinating strips of fabrics.
But, I am going to try this
project out by using scrap fabric,
and fabric salvaged from old clothing.
Just think of all
the things you could do with your own fabric basket.

*You could use it in a babies room to hold
swaddling blankets. 

*Hold towels and facecloths in the bath room.
*Use it in the living room to hold the kids toys.
(Even for your dogs toys, they are your kids too after all, Right?)

*You could also make one to put by your favorite chair in the living room to hold your knitting/ Crocheting.

....and so much more.
Happy basket making!!!
<3 Holly

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