Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crochet School....

So i have wanted to Re-Learn how to crochet forever!
My Grandmother taught me how to 
crochet when I was little, 
but since then I have completely forgotten how.
 My desire to learn has grown
 since I received a little box of CUTE crochet patterns
in a gift basket I received from a good friend for my wedding
since I found the Crochet Pattern Jackpot!
(Click above to discover it too!) 
I have been very keen to make some of them,
especially the REALLY cute animal and character
crochet patterns.

Now, thanks to The CraftyMinx,
I can go to Crochet School
and you can too!!!
Check it out.
She has put up 23 Lessons on crocheting, complete with videos,
and even a Mid Term Exam!
So, thank you for sharing the WEALTH of your information
And thank you guys for coming to my blog,
Happy Crocheting!



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