Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Target Garden finds for under $20.00!

So I was wandering around Target
the other day,
just killing some time,
and I found some really cool things for my
porch garden.
Including three packs of seeds,
my whole little surprise, shopping spree,
total came in under 20 bucks!

 The first two items came from the little 
dollar spot in Target when you first walk in the door.
(I don't know if the Targets all over the country have them as well.)

Here they are....(I'm so excited to share these!)
1. Flower pots that came in multiple colors for $2.50 each:
(I plan on going back for a few more.) 
 I think I might paint something on them.

2. Cute little Hippo watering can for a $1.00!
I mean does it get ANY cuter than that!

The last items I found in the garden section.
(But you can also find them online at

3. OWL Planter Stakes!!!!!!!!!!!
(P.S. I think one thing you should know about me is,
Can't wait till all my porch garden is in full swing!
Thanks for checking out my swag.

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