Friday, April 20, 2012

Crochet Pattern Jackpot!

OK, so here is one of those times
where i REALLY wished I crocheted!
I just found this adorably, cool web site called
It is a website made by, two lovely people
who have taken the time to gather
up patterns from across the web and place them on
one page.
They give all credit, where credit is due
to the people who have created these patterns.
I think the setup of the web page is great.
You have to hit the "like" button on the page with the picture
of the pattern,in order to get to the patterns actual location.
That is a great way to really support 
the people making them
Some are free, some you pay for, 
BUT all are CUTE!!!!!!

Here are some of my favorites!
(Click on images to go to that pattern's page)
Cute Little Clam....
(I love Narwhals, there is a silly connection with my hubby)
Great White Shark!!! 
(OK I know, I LOVE my sea creatures!)
Hello Kitty (Duh!)
OWL! (My all time fave.)
Green Pig
 (who hasn't gotten addicted to angry birds?)
Cupcakes YUM!
Fox <3
....They have many more, so go take a look.
You can also check these guys out on 
Facebook: Amigurumi
Twitter:  Amigurumi Patterns
Hope you enjoy, and if anyone wants to 
teach me how to crochet so I can make some of these, 
let me know! 
and Thank you
for making such an awesome resource crafters,
and great website that supports them!
<3 Holly

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