Monday, April 23, 2012

I love Marden's and the Christmas Tree Shop!

So while on my weekend travels to Maine 
over the last few weeks,
not only have I acquired a car,
I have also gotten my hands on some new crafting ammo!
Here are a few of my new goodies.

First off, we have some cute simple patterns from
I bought them at this great Maine surplus store called
They have a great fabric section, at really great prices.
I like to visit when I'm up in Maine, because you never know 
what awesome gems you are going to find.
Each one of the patterns I only paid a $1.00 for!
They are nothing fancy, but great for a few
summer basics.

#1: Two Summery shirt patterns.
#2: Adorable Summer dress and basic A-Line Skirt patterns.

I also bought TWO new craft books!!!!!

#1: A Contemporary Tye-Dye Book
Which I also got at Marden's for $4.99!
(HELLO! Summer project, who'd like to join me for some Tye- dying?) 
(You can find it on

#2: A book on Applique Techniques
that I got at the Christmas Tree Shop in South Portland, Me
I think I paid $3.99 for this one.
 (You can also find this book on for close to the same price.)
So, I'm excited to get inspired and start a few new projects.
(Like I don't have enough already! hehe)

Hope you have a few projects of your own to look forward to!
<3 Holly

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