Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magazine Art Prints...

So this past week I've been playing around
with ways to make some recycled art for around the house.
I, like many other creative types,
suffer from hoarding magazines.
I rip pages out and save them for inspiration, in projects, or just because I plain like them.
I've always appreciated the artistic editorial photos
as little pieces of art in and of themselves.
I have also always loved the idea of framing them 
just like photos, 
(A little bit of a grownup way of making magazine collages, 
like you do when your a teenager.)
and using them to decorate around the house.
It is an easy and Eco-friendly way to throw a bit
of art or color on your wall, for both creative people
and for the artistically challenged alike.
So here is the simple project I came up with.

Unique Magazine Prints
All you need are magazines, a printer, a standard 8X10 picture frame and some imagination.

The first step is to chose some magazine pictures that
are light and bright, so that it will be easy to print on them.
(You want to make sure that you choose pictures that
are free of text or logos. A little bit is OK
if it is on the bottom because you'll trim it a little bit.)

Next step is to find another image to print over 
your chosen magazine page.
Now you aren't using these images for any monetary gain
so you don't have to worry too much
about where you get your second image from.
(You could even use a photo that you yourself have taken.)
But, if you do worry, there are many places on the
internet where you can find images that 
are free for you to use.
Try the Flickr group: Free Use Photos
(You can also try searching for photos that are "Public Domain."
A lot of public domain photos tend to be older vintage photos,
which can add another great element to your print.) 

The possibilities of images to overlay are endless.
The key is to think outside the box and 
get very creative.
Images like maps, field drawings of plants, and Pics of flowers
for example, make for some
really cool image combinations.
Here are a couple of samples of things you can do.
(The print on the left is a photo I took in Boston when Banksy hit the city, and the right are Gerber daisies laid over a
black and white picture from a magazine.)
The magazine paper does not take the ink very well,
it will rub off very easily, so be careful as
it comes out of the printer.
I hung mine up on an inspiration wire over night to let it dry.
 In the morning I took a hair dryer to them, 
to help set the ink.
(They still remain a bit smudgey, I'm thinking about experimenting with a fixatif spray next time I make them to see if that helps.)
Lastly, place them in the 8X10 picture frame, and trim the bottom bit off with an exacto knife.
 Voila, a few simple steps,
and you have some cool unique art prints for your space.
Here are my two favorites.

I hope you enjoyed my little project,
and experiment with making some of your own.

<3 Holly


  1. I love this idea, Holly!

    1. Thanks, it was super fun to make! And they look so cool around the house... <3 Holly