Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Ink Blot" Paintings

In celebration of spring, and the recent nice weather,
I wanted to share with you one of my favorite warm weather activities!
I LOVE painting outside in the sun, but my favorite kind of paintings I like to do are:
"INK BLOT" Paintings!

Sunday was one of our first GORGEOUS days of spring.
There was a warm breeze, it was nice enough to be barefoot and in a sundress, perfect for a little porch hang out session of one.
So to celebrate I put on a bright red sundress, blasted my 
"Gillian Welch" Station on Pandora,
pulled out my water colors, and took my barefoot self outside to begin the process of some "Ink Blot" paintings.
I call them "Ink Blot" paintings, 
because I drip paint on my paper with no real plan of 
where I want it to go, 
then later draw in what I see in the paint.
Here is a little bit of my process.

First I sprinkle little droplets of just water all over my paper.
Then I start adding droplets of my water colors, letting them all mix and swirl whichever way the paint wants to go.

Here is what they look like as they dry.
 I hold my papers down with little rocks so they can dry in the sun and not blow away in the wind.
(The rocks also add texture to the paint as it dries, lots of times I'll place the rock in a puddle of color which will leave great organic shape outlines on the paper after the paper dries)
 I like to do a whole bunch at a time,
so I have a whole bunch of "Ink Blots" to play with when they dry.
 When they are all dry, I take a sharpie or black gouache and draw out the images I see in the paint. (Like the old fashion Ink Blot tests)
It is a great exercise in creativity, especially when you don't know WHAT you want to paint or draw.
Here are a few examples of my very own "Ink Blots"

 Well, there you go,
my favorite creative exercise for a beautiful day 
sitting on the porch!
<3 Holly

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