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Scarf to Apron Tutorial

Scarf to Apron Tutorial

So I got some great vintage scarfs given to me a few years back, and I really wanted to do cool things with them. I haven't really had any good ideas, until the other night.
I decided to make one of them into a cute little apron. 

Here is a tutorial so you can make your own at home!

:Things you will need:
  • 3/4 yd. or 1 yd. of  fabric (I used some leftovers from a dress, you could also maybe re-purpose a pillow case, curtain, or bed sheet)
  • A Large scarf
  • Of course thread and a pair of scissors.
  • Also a measuring tape
  • Iron 

:Part One: Making the front panel of your sash
  • Measure the width of your scarf (Mine was 20 1/2")
  • Now take that measurement and subtract a few inches, this will be the length of your front panel so you want to take off enough to give your scarf a little ruffle, but also making sure you leave a little bit for seam allowance. (I made mine 16" so that I had a 1/2" on each side for my seam allowance)

  • Determine how wide you would like the sash of the apron to be when you wear it. I decided that I wanted mine to be about 2 1/2" so when I cut out my strip of fabric for the sash I doubled that to 6" because the strip of fabric will be folded in half when we sew it and it gives me a seam allowance of a 1/2"
  • Now that you have your length and width measurements, mark it out on your fabric and cut out the first strip of material.

:Part Two: Making both panels that will tie in the back

  • Both of these panels will be the same length as each other, as well as the same width as the first panel you cut out.
  • I made both my panels the entire length of longest side of my scrap fabric. That way it gave me the maximum length to tie a good size bow in the back.(This measurement came to 30" for me, you can certainly make yours longer for a bigger bow, or to give you more room to tie)
  • I then folded both my panels in half and cut the end at an angle to give the end of the sash a nice finish.

*P.s. You must make sure that whatever fabric you make your sash out of gives you enough leeway to tie your apron around you. You might want to test it by wrapping your fabric around you before you cut to get an idea of how much slack you are going to have. This is why I added the middle panel, the fabric I was working with didn't give me enough when I wrapped in around my waist.

:Part Three: Sewing all your panels together

  • Take your 3 panels of fabric (smallest one in the middle) and pin them right sides together. Don't forget to leave yourself 1/4" to 1/2" for seam allowance, then sew

  • Now fold open the seams you just made and iron them open.
  • Pin then sew the seams flat. This will add durability to your apron as well as a nice decorative stitching on the sash.

  • Now that all three panels are sewn together, fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and iron.
  • Sew your angled ends together, then flip your sash right side out, and iron down the fold 

  • Measure down from the fold about 1/4" to 1/2" and sew across.
  • Open up the band on the bottom and fold up the raw edges inside your sash about a 1/2" and iron flat. (Tucking the bottoms of the fabric up inside the sash will give us a nice, clean seam, and make life a whole lot less complicated.)

:Part Four: Attaching the scarf to the sash
  • Take your scarf and sew a basting stitch across the top. 
  • Pull the stitch to gather your scarf the same width of the middle panel of the sash. (So I pulled mine until it was 15" so it would sit perfectly in the middle of my apron)

  • Now pin the scarf inside the open scarf. (I pinned my along the basting stitch, so about 1/2" inside the sash)

  • Pin all across the bottom and sew. (Make sure that when you sew across the bottom, you don't sew to high up from the bottom. If you do, you will not sew across the edges you tucked up, and you will end up with a messy, open seam on the bottom of your sash.!)

:Part Five: Bottom band

  • To add the band of fabric across the bottom of your apron, cut a strip of fabric that is the same width as your scarf + seam allowance, you can make the band however high you want it to go up from the bottom.

  • Take your strip of fabric and pin it to the back of your scarf piece, with the right side of the strip fabric pinned to the wrong side (or back side) of the apron, making sure you leave the seam allowance hanging off both ends. (When you pin the fabric on, you shouldn't be able to see the strip of fabric from the front except the two ends sticking out of the side.)
  • Now sew straight across and flip the fabric over. (The wrong side of your strip of fabric should now be together with the front of the apron) Iron the seam.
  • Next take the top part of the strip of fabric and fold in so that the raw edge will be tucked in to give you a clean seam, iron and pin across.
  • Now fold and tuck the two side pieces you left for seam allowance, into the bottom band as you did the top part of the band, iron and pin.
  • With everything cleanly tucked in and pinned, go ahead and so all around the band you have added to the bottom.
 (The bottom band should look like this)

I choose to add an applique of an anchor to go with the red, white, and blue nautical color scheme I had going. You could do something that matches your scarf, or choose none at all.

Hope you found this informative, and if there is anything that is unclear, please send me an e-mail.
Thank you for reading!
-Holly Clark

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